As Written

As Written

By Lisa Colodny

Vietnam was a world away from the rolling hills of rural Kentucky. For Alton, most everything he had ever known or loved could be found among the lush green trees and blue rushing waters of his daddy's farm. Follow God's plan, he told himself, over and over again while serving his country. And it was a prevalent theme in his letters home to his family and friends.

As Written is an ageless story of hope, love, and loss told through the eyes of a soldier who wants nothing more than to make his family proud and return safely home as soon as is possible. Coming from a faith-based family, he believes what he writes in his letters home, about fulfilling god's plan for him and moving forward to the next chapter of life, whatever that happens to be.

As the months pass, he faces death around many corners and his faith is tested time and time again. Although he truly believes his fate is already determined by God's plan, he would be lying if he denied being afraid. At times, it was the fear that fulfilled his desire to get home safely to his family where they could all live out the rest of their chapters of life as God has written.

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