Sanctuary Road

by Lisa Colodny

Dayna Myles expected her life to change once she'd left New York City to return home to small-town Cedarwood, Kentucky. The life she'd shared with her musician husband, Ethan, was buried, but for the finalization of their divorce. Settling into the big house on Sanctuary Road and reconnecting with her family were on her immediate to-do list, even though the homecoming was always bittersweet. Her mother’s untimely death combined with her father’s abandonment at a young age left her and her brother broken in ways they really didn’t understand. Imagine her surprise to discover letters from an admirer for whom her mother had planned to leave her father, hidden among her mother’s things. Suddenly, the life Dayna imagined her mother had in Cedarwood couldn’t have been further from the truth. It turns out there had been many suitors in her mother’s life, and most of them had been married!

Dayna’s homecoming coincides with Cedarwood’s Blood Moon Festival, an event the town hasn’t recognized since 1969 after four girls were murdered at six month-intervals after the last celebration. The murders have all but been forgotten until a fatal accident on the night of the first moon, another six months later, and a third, six months after that.

Sanctuary Road comes full circle on the night of the fourth and last Blood Moon celebration when secrets from the past collide with sins of the present, and Dayna finds the love she thought she’d lost is still within her reach.

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