Walking The Plank

Place Where Magic Lives: Walking the Plank

by Lisa Colodny

Their grandfather’s farm has always been a magical place for eleven-year old cousins, Liam and Samantha. Even before the wormhole in the woods transported them to the magical world of Nelliah where they encountered a variety of magical creatures with special powers, they’d known the farm and surrounding area was unlike any other place they’d ever been. 

In book two, Walking the Plank, the adventure continues as Liam and Samantha’s day on the river turns tragic as they find themselves in a different place and time inhabited by ruthless pirates living life to the fullest on the open seas. 

After being rescued from the treacherous waters by Captain Edward Thrash and his crew, they settle in quickly to life aboard the Queen Anne’s revenge where Liam earns his keep swabbing the deck and Samantha as the ship’s cook.  Under the watchful eye of Captain Thatch and his faithful companion, Stede Bonnet, the cousins learn not everything is as it seems as they navigate through a place and time where the good guys aren’t always wearing white and the only gold the cousins encounter lies within the heart of a cranky, old pirate.

Will they once again find the mirror and walking stick that opens the channel between the worlds and find their way home? Or will they be forced to remain aboard the ship with the pirates and survive on their own? It’s an all-out battle of good versus evil aboard the open seas, one not soon forgotten as the Place Where Magic Lives continues in Walking the Plank.

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