Favorite Quote from my book Journeys

Not long after I wrote Yellow River Pledge during a phone interview with a local librarian, I was asked what was my favorite quote from the story. You'd never have believed I was a writer, I froze, tongue twisting in my mouth as I ran through the pages of text in my mind hoping something would come to me. When it didn't I stalled by asking the interviewer, "There's so many. I'll have to think on a favorite. What's yours?"


Within minutes, she'd given me three and I felt as if somehow, I'd let my characters down. Even though I knew they lived only in my mind and imagination, I felt as if I'd disappointed them.


When I finished Journeys as I was making the final edits, I made a point of scribbling down a few quotes that I could recite when asked. Funny thing is, no one's asked yet. So...I decided to bite the bullet and put it out first.


There are a couple within the chapters of the nine drivers that I really like, especially the engineer and the woman who drives around in the clean car.  I'd be really interested to hear yours!  Here's one of my favorite quote from my book Journeys.