1. Shay is torn between the alliances her brothers have made with regards to the war. Do you think she exhibits favoritism to one over the other?
  2. Do you think Shay exhibits good judgement throughout the story? Does any one thing stand out as something you might have done differently?
  3. Is Shay’s temperament common for a woman during this time period? Why or why not?
  4. On a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being a victim and 5 being the antagonist, Is Robert Blowden more of a victim or an antagonist. Please justify why you scored him as you did.
  5. Do you think any of his actions are a result of the incidences where he feels he was betrayed?
  6. Whose betrayal do you believe as affected him most?
  7. Would you describe Shay as more of a victim or a heroine?
  8. Braxton’s Is not forthcoming about his family’s plantation in Georgia until towards the end of the story. How do you feel this affects his credibility?
  9. How does this fact motivate him to fight for the Union army?
  10. How is Jacob’s motivation different from his brother?
  11. How does Eli’s death affect Robert’s perspective about the war?
  12. How does Eli’s death affect Levi’s perspective about the war?
  13. Which main character is most likeable?
  14. Which main character is least likeable?
  15. If you could rewrite any part of the story, what part would you modify and why?
  16. Kentucky declared its neutrality soon after the South succeeded from the Union. Explain how that fact plays into the story.
  17. What impression does the author leave on you regarding General Ulysses S. Grant?
  18. Of the central characters, who do you think is the most Likable?
  19. Did you enjoy Regarding the character of Henry Hallick, is he written as more friend or foe? Explain your reasoning. the story?
  20. Would you consider another story by the same author?
  21. What role do you believe President Lincoln played in the outcome of the Sultana tragedy? Do you feel he was directly or indirectly responsible?
  22. The unfortunate demise of the Union soldiers aboard the Sultana is based on actual fact. Do you feel the author adequately represented this tragic incident?
  23. Sultana is a fictional story set among real life battles that occurred during the civil war.
  24. Do you think the author has adequately depicted the circumstances of the war? How, please explain.
  25. Of the central characters, who do you think is the most sympathetic?
  26. Was the story enjoyable to you?