1. Its obvious early on Detective Gates and Agent Mc Kenzie are not fond of one another after the opening segments of the story.  Were you able to hypothesize why? Alternatively, was their past relationship a surprise?
  2. Is Gates more or less likable as the story progresses? Or were you reactions to him consistent throughout the story?
  3. Is Mc Kenzie more or less likable as the story progresses? Or were you reactions to her consistent throughout the story?
  4. Is the character of Devon Mc Kenzie too rigid or did you expect to see a softer side to her at some point in the story. 
  5. Gates is more open about is feelings for her as the story unfolds. Do you think this characteristic would have been more expected for Mc Kenzie? Why or why not?
  6. Why do you think Mc Kenzie continues to resist her feelings and hide her affection for Gates? Do you think she has inherent trust issues or because of their past and his reputation?
  7. From the beginning of the story, the Ennis family welcome the strangers into the family with open arms. Did this seem odd to you, especially for the time period the story was set. Is this something you think would or would not happen in the present day and time?
  8. Why do the Ennis’ assume Gates and Mc Kenzie are a married couple? Why do you think Gates and Mc Kenzie allow them to continue to think so?
  9. Benjamin is drawn to both Gates and Mc Kenzie from the beginning but his affection for Devon grows throughout the story. Explain why you think this is happening. 
  10. Thomas Hayden, Jr is smitten with Mc Kenzie from the beginning. Why?
  11. Gates suspects after Mc Kenzie is attacked in the barn, Hayden Jr is behind the attack. Are his suspicions justified or are his assumptions affected by his dislike of the deputy?
  12. Edith continue to have great affection for Hayden Jr despite her best efforts not to. Would you have felt the same way if you were in her shoes? Why or why not?
  13. The author’s intent was to imply a long and healthy relationship between the Ennis’, Callahan’s, and Hayden’s. Do you think that was evident in the story
  14. The author’s intent was to imply a platonic and asexual, healthy relationship between Benjamin and Mc Kenzie. Do you think the goal was met?
  15. If you could rewrite any one piece of the story, what would it be and why?
  16. If Turbulence were a movie, who would you cast as Chris Gates and Devon Mc Kenzie?
  17. How does the book’s title, relate to the theme of the book. Does it seem appropriate now that you have finished the story?
  18. Does the book’s tagline, “Is Love Determined by Destiny or Free Will,” follow the theme of the story?
  19. Did you find the story resolved enough open items to stand by itself alone as a story, yet continue the storyline for the next book, Crossroads?
  20. Is there a quote from the book you’d like to share?