1. If you review the back cover, the definition of Chimera is well explained. Explain how the book’s title plays into the story? Do you think this worked for you?
  2. Catherine Masters is introduced initially in the story, and her backstory is quickly introduced. However, a large portion of the story is centered around Dr Ryan Allen. If you could only pick one of the characters as the “main” character in the story, which one would you pick and why?
  3. Both Catherine and Ryan have similar characteristics, how are their personalities the same? How are they different?
  4. They are in different places, career wise. Do you think this affects the way either of them approaches the issues and attempts to problem solve the opportunities?
  5. Did you prefer one character (Catherine or Ryan) over another?
  6. This story encompasses a multiple of characters, did you find it was too many to keep up with? Or, was the number appropriate?
  7. Catherine’s relationship with her former husband is non-existent. Yet, Ryan has maintained a formidable one with hers. Why do you think that is? How do those relationships affect the story?
  8. At several points in the story, Ryan considers that Cole may not be who she believes him to be and that he may be involved in the suspicious deaths, especially one the video is leaked thru the hospital ‘s email system. What circumstances supported her concerns?
  9. Aiden’s tattoo of the red bird on his arm was a precursor to younger days of growing up on his grandfather’s farm. Were you able to prognosticate his relationship to Jay and Beliard? 
  10. Were there any substories that you felt did not add to the over story plot? If so, which one.
  11. One reviewer cited Virginia, “as the evilest of all.” Do you agree or disagree?
  12. Regarding the book’s tagline, “Not Everything is as it Seems” is this consistent with the theme of the story. 
  13. If Chimera were to be a movie, who would you cast as Catherine and Ryan?
  14. Is there another book you have read that was similar to this one? Which one?
  15. Would you consider reading another book by this author? If not, why?
  16. Please share your favorite quote.