Wavering Moon

  1. Magna is torn between the obligation to continue her mother’s realm as the White Queen or forge a new path of her choosing. Was this dilemma well-presented throughout the story?
  2. Magna’s friends are loyal to a fault, do you think their loyalty prevented them from following their own destiny?
  3. The theme of good versus evil is prominent throughout the story. Cite examples where this is presented by the author.
  4. Was Magna’s reaction to discovering Sklyar and Amitola’s secret presented in a realistic way or do you think she accepted it too easily? Would you have been happy for them or feel as if Amitola had broken the “bro-code?”
  5. Which character was the most likeable?
  6. Which character was the least likeable?
  7. David never reveals why he distanced himself from Magna when they were together. Do you feel that he was wrong to hide this truth from her?
  8. Was the story easy to follow or were the various magical creatures a distraction?
  9. Does the book’s tagline, “Is Destiny Written in the Stars or in the Moon,” follow the theme of the story?
  10. If Wavering Moon were a movie, who would you cast as Magna, Amitola, or Halona? 
  11. Is there another book(s) that you have read that was similar to this one?
  12. Please share your favorite quote.