1. Did you find the story resolved enough open items to stand by itself alone as a story? Did you feel you had to have read book 1 in the series, Turbulence, to understand the premise of Crossroads?
  2. What were your feelings around the story’s opening as Mc Kenzie arrives into town and prepares to take the stage back to New York City. 
  3. Edith is devastated to discover Devon’s fate at the hands of Hayden Jr and the Ferris brothers and slips in and out of reality as related to the circumstances of her daughter, Mary’s, fate. Was this a natural response? Or do you feel as if the author created or nudged you along?
  4. Benjamin does not understand or accept Gates’s reluctance to seek revenge for Devon’s attack. Was Gates’ rationale plausible or not? Do you feel as if he should have sought retribution regardless of Mc Kenzie’s request not do so.
  5. Mc Kenzie’s healing journey is accomplished by the support of many. Who do you feel was most supportive of her physically as well as emotionally?
  6. How do you feel Mary’s death affects the way Edith and Gabriel tend to Mc Kenzie’s recovery needs?
  7. Do you believe Gates physical responses to Devon’s post recovery advances are realistic? Why or why not?
  8. Mc Kenzie does not attempt to hide desire to return home to present day New York City. Gates is more willing to remain in Hamilton if it means he has her at his side. Does it make sense that he would chose Mc Kenzie over seeing his family ever again. 
  9. Which character is most likeable? Did you affection change from the characters in the first story? Or is your choice consistent?
  10. What other book(s) does Crossroads remind you of?
  11. Which character would you describe as being the most loyal?
  12. What role do you feel Heimdail plays in the story?
  13. What do you believe the significance of Benjamin offering Mary’s rings to Gates represents?
  14. The spontaneous renewal of vows during Abby and James’ wedding is a turning point in the story. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?
  15. If Crossroads were a movie, who would you cast as Edith, Gabriel, & Benjamin Ennis?
  16. How does the book’s title, relate to the theme of the book. Does it seem appropriate now that you have finished the story?
  17. Does the book’s tagline, “Sometimes at the end of the Road, the real journey begins,” follow the theme of the story?
  18. Please share a favorite quote from the story.