1. Did you find the story resolved enough open items to stand by itself alone as a story? Did you feel you have to had read book 1 (Turbulence) or 2 (Crossroads) in the series to understand the premise of Terminus?
  2. Were you able to depict the “silence before the storm” analogy in the opening segment of the story?
  3. Do you think the fact that Gates and the Ennis’ were forced to watch Hayden Jr’s attack on Mc Kenzie was more traumatic for her than the initial attack in the jail?
  4. The showdown at Idresil is the beginning of the end of their life together in Hamilton. Were you aware of what was to come or were you caught off guard? Did the thought of not seeing them again make you said?
  5. Did you realize they were back in NYC or was this a surprise?
  6. Mc Kenzie’s lack of recollection of the events in Hamilton upon awakening in the hospital is very traumatic for Gates. It was if their time together in Hamilton did not happen. Do you feel is responses and behavior after his recovery were appropriate, justified? Why or why not?
  7. What are your thoughts on Gates’ relationship with the hooker that resembles Mc Kenzie?
  8. Did you feel the reactions of both Gates and Mc Kenzie’s families were justified?
  9. Jason and Mc Kenzie are twins. Do you think that fact made it more or less complicated from a reactionary point of view?
  10. What effect, if any, do you feel Brett’s action inside the tunnel will have on his relationship with Jason?
  11. If Terminus was a movie, who would you cast as Thomas Hayden Sr, Thomas Hayden Jr, and Ray Callahan?
  12. How does the book’s title relate to the theme of the book. Does it seem appropriate now that you have finished the story?
  13. Does the book’s tagline, “Not Everything Dies,” follow the theme of the story?
  14. Please share your favorite quote from the story.
  15. What other book(s) similar to terminus have you read?