1. Were you able to predict the roll Caren would have in the lives of the passengers that routinely pass through her tollbooth? Are you familiar with the mythological boat master, Charon, who transports the souls of the dead across the river, Styx, to the afterlife, in exchange for a handful or coins?
  2. Were you able to connect Caren’s episodes of amnesia, blackouts, and muscle aches to her dreamlike duties as Charon?
  3. Which of the passenger’s stories did you like most?
  4. Which of the passenger’s stories did you like least?
  5. Can you relate to the thought that we are all traveling in a boat to be taken to the other side after we die?
  6. Does the book’s tagline, “Do we meet by Chance or are our lives fated to Intersect,” follow the theme of the story?
  7. One reviewer cited the book as a “faith-based” story, do you agree or disagree?
  8. Did you enjoy the story?
  9. Would you consider another story by the same author?
  10. If Journeys was a movie, who would you cast as Caren Rivers? What about any of the others?
  11. Please share a favorite quote.
  12. Are there any other characters in the story 
  13. Is there another book(s) that you have read that was similar to this one?
  14. Was there any one of the stories that you found was easier to relate to that the others?
  15. Were there any moments that you found yourself completely caught off guard?
  16. Please share your favorite quote.