Sanctuary Road

  1. Were you familiar with the significance of a blood moon? Do you think the author integrated the concepts well within the storyline?
  2. Dayna’s justifications for returning home to Cedarwood are very personal. Does her rationale make sense to you? Alternatively, would it have been a more believable reaction to start again in NYC?
  3. Despite David’s trouble within his personal life. He remains a loyal brother and cousin. Do you believe the reasons for his troubled past make more sense as the story unfolds?
  4. Dayna is surprised to discover a second persona to her Mother’s life. Do you believe everyone has “secrets” they keep from even their closest friends. 
  5. Do you think Beth’s actions are justified? Or, might she have been more open about her affairs if she did not live in a small town?
  6. Do you feel as if lies are more profound and secrets are easier to keep in a small town?
  7. How does Alex’s secret play into Dayna’s tendencies to close herself off, emotionally. Do you think she suspected her father’s secret all along?
  8. Do you feel every small town really does have its own secrets?
  9. Sanctuary Road is layered with secrets and lies that span over two generations. Did this great span of time make it hard to follow the story going on in present day?
  10. Did you feel the role of the presidential statues played more of a role in the tragedy than simply being a hiding place for the journals? Did it seem that it was Kyle’s way of kicking the town in its face?
  11. Were you more prone to consider the character of the uncle, Garrett, as friend or foe to David? Why?
  12. Why do you think Alex kept quiet so many years about the abuse at the hands of her uncle, David’s father.  Was it easier to sympathize with David once the truth about Alex and his father was out in the open.
  13. There was several arcs where the theme “second chances’ was prominent. Dayna and her husband is one example, can you name any others?
  14. If Sanctuary Road were a movie, who would you cast as Dayna Myles? What about Evan, Alex, or David?
  15. Please share your favorite quote.
  16. Is there another book(s) that you’ve read that was similar to Sanctuary Road?