Yellow River Pledge

  1. The story begins as if it is a normal day in the life of Dr Jordan Chamberlain. Within minutes, her world is crashing down around her. Is this something you can relate to? Are her reactions both immediate and longer term appropriate, realistic?
  2. Jordan’s friends, Maria and Aimee, are important components of her support system. How does the author go about designing the importance these women play in her life. Are these relationships believable? Why or why not?
  3. Did you see Jason as more of a sympathetic character or was more of a villain? Maybe he was both or neither? Please explain.
  4. As intelligent as Jordan is, she has almost an innocence about her that is evident throughout the story. Can you pick out such incidents? Does this change your perception of her? Does this make her less or more likable or have no effect?
  5. Was Jordan a likable character from the beginning or did she grow on you as the story progressed?
  6. The author’s intent was to imply a platonic and asexual, healthy relationship between Jordan and Robert. Do you think the goal was met? Did you find that you were jealous of their relationship?
  7. Regarding Maria and Aimee, did the author do a good job of making these relationships enviable and believable? Did you like one more than the other? 
  8. Did Brian seem “to good to be true?” Were there any warning signs that Jordan missed that might have produced a different outcome? What might she have done differently?
  9. Sean’s character has a significant amount of trauma within his own life. How does it seem as if his own past parallel is Jordan’s?
  10. How does Aimee and Jason’s secret affect Jordan’s sense of loyalty to them? Does it seem as if she holds one more accountable than the other? If so, which one? Why?
  11. Jordan and Jason have remained prominent in one another’s life even after the divorce. Was their sleeping together after the news of Aimee’s death an expected outcome?
  12. How do you believe letting Sean believe he was the baby’s father might have affected Jordan in the long run? Do you think she could have played out the hand and lived the lie? Why or why not?
  13. How does Jordan’s assignment with the FBI’s serial killer division affect her? Do you think Maria’s objectives in assigning her so far away from Jason were justified? Or are you more prone to suggest it was none of her business and she should have let it alone?
  14. Were you disappointed that Jordan does not consider Jason’s proposal for giving him a second chance?
  15. Was it obvious to you that theme of this story is in fact about second chances?
  16. After reading the story, do you believe a promise really should last forever? Why or why not?
  17. If Yellow River Pledge were a movie, who would you case as Jordan Chamberlain? What about Jason, Sean, Maria, or Aimee?
  18. Please share your favorite quote.